Saturday, January 21, 2012

Staining in the Rain

Staining--brought to you in part by the Evans'.  With the help of Steve's parents we managed to knock out this project in one weekend.  It was overcast and gloomy, the rain threatening our progress, but luckily we finished before it started to pour.  Though pour it did, and then we had to worry that it had ruined our work, though it didn't. 
So anywho, here are the pictures to follow our progress:




 This stain is only meant to protect the wood, there is little to no color added.  We tried to keep the cedar looking natural.  Here's the finished product:

All dried

Friday, January 20, 2012

A Facelift

It's cold! Perhaps not a proper winter by most standards, or even Georgia standards, but it's still cold.  We decided to refocus are attention outdoors, finishing up the last few cosmetic projects while there were a few warm days remaining.  Steve's dad, John, helped out, putting on... I guess I'll call them corner caps?

Corner Caps

See the red line of roofing steel that covers the fascia board?  Me and Steve did that.

Back Roof Cap

We also put in some cedar boards above the porch.

Above porch.

And a different sort of cedar near the bottom.

Below porch.

Steve and I happened across a cedar beam on sale a while back, and though it's a bit simple, we remain quite impressed with the find.  So we finally got to install that porch beam thingy.

Porch Beam

John put the fascia boards up, or back up I should say.  He went through the hassle way back when, but we had to remove all trim to put siding up behind.  But they're back now, wrapping around the house and quite pretty! La.


And that's all for now folks.  I know, admittedly not one of my most interesting entries... I'll try to be more impressive next time.