Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lots of Stuff Stuffed into One Weekend.

I started writing this blog months after we started building our tiny house.  Hence, I can't remember the details and order of each job.  So I'm using the chronology of my pictures to piece together a rather busy weekend--a good weekened--when we got a lot accomplished.

First we hauled the windows out to be taped and painted.  Though I'll admit the taping was a waste of time, having since learned that paint scrapes off rather easy.  My nieces did most of the work and I didn't even have to twist their arms!

Steve and Paul worked on sheathing the roof.

While I attempted to re-flash beneath the porch...

...I may have gotten a bit carried away.

At some point Brenda (Steve's mom) and I began to put up small strips of treated wood.  They're meant to keep water from becoming trapped beneath the siding.

About this time I'm guessing that Steve and Paul finished putting on the plywood roof because I have this picture as proof.

Which only left adding on the cedar porch boards.

And I think that concludes our hectic weekend.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wrapped and Roofed.

I thought putting on the house wrap would be easy, rather like wrapping a large gift.  I was wrong.  The roll is heavy and unwieldly, and trying to circle it around the house evenly was a three man job.  Or in our case a one man and two and a half women job.  But we managed... after a week.  In our defense it was a really rainy week, and we couldn't make up our mind about how it should be attached to the house.  Rubber covered nails are the best option, but we gave up the water proofing mumbo jumbo method in favor of the nail gun/air compressor.  Somewhat frightening but totally worth it. 
After that the roof rafters were next.  Not much to say besides that they went up fast.  Though I noticed later that we spaced ours (for no real reason) together much more closely than Jay.  You can see for yourself at his blog:

Oliver has been an integral part of the building process.  Without his incessant barking at the neighbor dogs, not to mention the biting incident, we might have finished weeks sooner.  Thanks, Oliver!