Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wrapped and Roofed.

I thought putting on the house wrap would be easy, rather like wrapping a large gift.  I was wrong.  The roll is heavy and unwieldly, and trying to circle it around the house evenly was a three man job.  Or in our case a one man and two and a half women job.  But we managed... after a week.  In our defense it was a really rainy week, and we couldn't make up our mind about how it should be attached to the house.  Rubber covered nails are the best option, but we gave up the water proofing mumbo jumbo method in favor of the nail gun/air compressor.  Somewhat frightening but totally worth it. 
After that the roof rafters were next.  Not much to say besides that they went up fast.  Though I noticed later that we spaced ours (for no real reason) together much more closely than Jay.  You can see for yourself at his blog:

Oliver has been an integral part of the building process.  Without his incessant barking at the neighbor dogs, not to mention the biting incident, we might have finished weeks sooner.  Thanks, Oliver!


Laura LaVoie said...

We had a similar home wrap experience. Air tools have proved invaluable. The home wrap was just the beginning. The interior siding would have been a monster withou them as well.

I love reading about your progress.

Santo Caridine said...

It is true that air tools provide the much-needed help that you need to wrap around your house. Hmm, how about Oliver? He probably did a good job barking and barking on other dogs. LOL! Good thing that you have finished home wrapping despite just having one man and two and a half women. LOL!

Joanne Barragan said...

That is cool! The makeover is probably finished by now. I wish to see that ride in person, and I think it's bigger than it was in this picture. I'll definitely be taking some photos to put on display.