Monday, November 21, 2011

Tedious Insulation

Who did the lion's share of insulating?  Me.  Talk about tedious, but to be honest, I tend to get those jobs.  The crap jobs that require little skill, no know-how, and a lot of lifting.  Luckily, the insulation wasn't heavy, but unfortunately, it was thin.  For one reason or another we couldn't order the fancy Rmax insulation in a 2 or 3 inch thickness, and if I remember correctly, those sizes are only available on the west coast.  Shla!  So before I start bragging about how I cut and insulated the house mostly by myself, let me explain why that is so impressive.  The reason being that I used 1/2 inch thick Rmax, the only thing available, and that means 5 layers of insulation needed to fill the walls.  Five.  Not only is our house longer, but for some reason (I'm still not sure why) we added twice as many rafters, these factors only adding to the monotonous chore that is insulating. 

That goon.

Notice above, my loving husband, smiling as if he did all the work.  Sniff.
And below, just showing off more of my work.

Where future TV/closets will go.
The next few photos are a look into the bathroom.

Tiny bathroom door.

Where future toilet will go.

Shower stall.

Shower drain.


droid_ca said...

Are you connecting your house to a mainline and power or will you have sewer tanks and solar, What is the overall length of your house with the lengthened trailer?

Halley Evans said...

When we're finished we plan to use my sister's house for energy, water and even their septic tank, though we do have a removeable tank for traveling. We had a 24 foot trailer custom made, adding six feet to the 18 foot original fencl plan.

Herb Koguchi said...

Your husband deserves a cool and refreshing drink served with some tasty cookies for working so hard the whole day. He should have asked for help to finish that task easily and faster. The roof seems to be a bit lowered, but it was built beautifully to make it efficient. I want to see what the whole house looks like. Can you put up photos of the house after everything had been done?

Halley Evans said...

Sure! Once everything is complete and we've worked out the last few kinks then I'll take a ton of pictures.