Monday, November 12, 2012

Autumn Update: Out with the Old and in with the New.

Steve started his own business and has been working from home.  I've been helping him out, both of us stationed side by side at our new desks.  I asked him if it feels different now that we're both home all day in such a small space.  He said it feels the same, and I have to agree.  There was an adjustment period, a very subtle one, but now that we've settled in for lots of months, I don't know how many, maybe twelve, our life has fallen into a nice routine. 

Our replacement desk/table.
We're living right under an oak tree and the acorns have been dropping down for months.  With a metal roof and no attic to insulate the noise it's something of an irritant.  The sound of them dinging off the bell-shaped chimney could wake the dead.  Fall is lovely, but this year I'll be glad when the trees are finally bare.

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