Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bay Window

The bay window was a challange.  Just getting the right size window sashes was a pain that lasted for weeks.  We tried ordering them through both Home Depot and Lowes on mulitple occasions, but there was always a problem.  The employees tended to know very little (sorry Home Depot and Lowes, but that's the truth), the available sizing didn't match up with the Tumbleweed plans, etc... on and on it goes.  We called Jeld-Wen the window company, we even called the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, and eventually I considered selling my soul to the devil, if only he'd give me the proper sized window sashes. 
I noticed from all my blog surfing that people who built a fencl/tumbleweed house often changed the size and number of windows used in the bay area, or even its placement.  Steve and I considered these options, wondering if so many people did it this way because the sashes from the plans are impossible to come by.  Well, they aren't.  Ta-da!

Outside shot of bay window

Sorry, these aren't the best pictures.  It was rainy at the time, so our tarp is in the way.  But you can see what a good job Steve did putting the sashes together.  I'll admit, I was a bit skeptical that he could do it.  I mean, the plans don't come with instructions on how to make your own window.  He just had to try and mimic what Jay did with his fencl, and those pictures aren't any better, giving little detail.  But the window turned out amazing, and Steve gets all the credit.  

Inside shot of bay window


Alex Quinn 82 said...

I love bay windows . I bought replacement windows nj last year and I am very happy with them. The bay window has opened up my space and has allowed more light to enter my room. My energy costs went down somewhat and the outside appearance of my home looks a lot better. Definitely worth the investment for me.

Ashlee Starns said...

I’m glad you’ve figured out what to do before you even lose your mind on it! Kidding! :P Since a tumbleweed house is relatively small in all dimensions, the size of the windows should be adjusted. Many of the people I know preferred to just buy a ready-made tumbleweed house for this reason. Congrats you did it! :D

Sarai Loftis said...

Congratulations! :) Your house will look even better with a bay window. They're a space-saver, did you know that? If you have a bay window, it can serve as a seat and as storage space as well. Most bay windows that I've seen have storage spaces under the seat where they usually put pillowcases, extra pillows, and more.

Micha Tacy said...

I prefer wide screen windows panes when it comes to bay windows. It's because I can enjoy the light that's getting in our home while enjoying the view outside. And I must agree that it's really hard to install one because it has a very complicated geometry.

Micha @OhioExteriors.com