Thursday, June 30, 2011

Down, Goes the Floor

The most difficult and time consuming part of installing the hardwood floor, was trying to get the right tools.  We rented a super big and scary machine that snaps the nails down at an angle, but for reasons I'm less than thrilled to go into, it didn't work.  We wasted time trying staples instead of nails, before finally giving up and nailing it down by hand, old school.  The space is so small, it really didn't take that long.  And if we'd spent our time doing it that way from the begginging, instead of searching for the best equipment, than we would have finished much sooner.  But isn't that just the way.
We used Australian Cypress from Lumber Liquidators, after ordering, receiving, and changing our mind about some bamboo.  Lumber Liquidators was great though, and made the exchange for us, no charge.  I would definitely recommend buying your hardwood floor from them.
Halfway through the installation process

Still just halfway through the installation process

The floor looks amazing, but its hard to convey that through a camera.  This next picture is the best I can do, and even so, the real floor looks way better in person.  I promise.

Close up


Corissa said...

Your progress looks great. I also live in the Atlanta area and my husband and I are looking to build a tiny house. I would love to pick your brain some time. Shoot me an email :)


Rachel said...

The floor looks great and such a fun house.

Anonymous said...

this is exactly what I want mine to look like. Looking good! I love the humor in your blogs lol.

Unknown said...

Why did you not like the bamboo? What product was it?

Halley Evans said...

At first we ordered tigerwood bamboo because it looks amazing. And really there wasn't anything wrong with it, it's actually stronger than the flooring we have now, but it was too dark and clashed with the walls, that's all.