Friday, July 22, 2011

Pictures Update

We finished the siding, but I never added pictures.  So this is where we're at on the exterior of our house.  It might look good, but it's still far from being done.  You'll notice the corners need to be covered over, the house hasn't been stained, and a ton of other touch up work.  But for now we're moving on to the interior, focusing on plumbing, finishing electric, and... other stuff.  I'm not exactly sure about the other stuff, but I'm sure I'll figure it out as we go.


DSB said...

Hi Halley
Your Fencl looks great. I was wondering if I can ask you some questions. If you dont mind. Please email me at
Don B

Randy Rourke said...


I to have a question about how you finally figured out the bay window thing. I could not find any thing online about Jen-Weld sizes. But Anderson has some fixed transom windows the same size. Are your other Windows Jen Weld too.

Lastly, I think the 25ft is awesome. I am in the design stage right now, so it will be a while but things get rolling. I do however think the Fencl is a great design and was laying out a floor plan, when I realized 25ft was also what I would need. As such it was great to find this blog, as I can visualize the added length and it does look great.

In the end, I may not build a Fencl type, because I am originally from New Orleans, and a Tiny Greek Revival shotgun seems to be dancing in my head. But the Fencl sure is a looker.

Thanks and Good Luck


Halley Evans said...


All the windows we used are Jeld Wen, the bay sashes included. You can order them through Home Depot/Lowes, and if I remember correctly, they are the smallest width sash that the company can make.
I hope that is helpful.