Friday, February 10, 2012

Bowl Lighting

When it was time to buy lights, Steve and I couldn't find anything we liked.  Our first inclination was recessed lighting, it's nice and subtle, meshing with the clean cabin feel.  But we soon found the idea wasn't practical, as any recessed light worth the hassle needs, like, five feet of space to hide in.  Okay, that's an exaggeration, but the point is our walls weren't thick enough, much to our dismay.  So we went back to searching for the perfect lights.  I found it unfortunate that when you type in 'cabin lighting' on google, the only result is a variety of antler chandeliers, and, well, I had a hard time getting into that.  What was fortunate is that I had a stroke of genius--not like the miniature clawfoot tub idea, but better, not to mention realistic. 
Actually... as I'm writing this, I just remembered it wasn't my idea at all, but a website I found about creating your own lights from wooden bowls.  Sad.  I just deflated my own tires.  Well okay, it may not be my idea, but I found it because I launched an extremly thorough investigation on wooden lamps, which should count for something.  So anyway, I went to (and if you don't know what it is you should start buying christmas gifts there asap) and bought a bunch of pretty bowls. 
The rest is pretty much history.  When the time came we used pendant lamp kits for the three hanging lights in our living room.  I made a small 'chandelier' with the same kits to hang in the bay window area.  Two (the least exciting) bowls have been banished to the lofts, I didn't bother taking pictures because they won't wow you anyway.  Two for the kitchen, one of those is my personal fav.  And the bathroom light as an afterthought, obviously I didn't use wood, that would clash, so we went simple. 
Behold, and be amazed!

Kitchen Light

The other kitchen light.  My Favorite.

The living room lights.


Bay Window Light

Bathroom Light

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