Saturday, March 12, 2011

Before the Floor

If you had asked me before I started building my house how to cut through steel, I would have said you don't.  Seriously I though cutting through metal involved professional something-or-others who use rare and expensive tools.  But after drilling through the frame of my trailer to attach jacks at all four corners I learned that it's done all the time, just not very easily.  I could go on and on describing the time it took, the wasted time, not to mention the profanity and frustration, the number of tools we went through before giving up and buying an absurdly expensive and unweildy drill press - but I won't bore you with the details.  In the end the end we triumphed, forcing the jacks into obedience. 


The jacks are useful.  Not only do they level the trailer for building but they take the weight off our tires, extending said tires' life.  Oh, and it deters house theft.  Though just on the off chance that there was some crazy fool wiley enough to lift our jacks and take off we bought a hitch lock.

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