Monday, March 7, 2011

Picking the Perfect Trailer

When building a tiny Tumbleweed house the first step is to get the perfect trailer.  I suggest looking for one that compliments your personality, just kidding, utility trailers are pretty much the same.  We had ours custom made, adding an extra six feet to the fencl.  Adding an extra six feet meant we had to have our trailer reinforced, or something such, to carry the additional weight.  We went from a 7,000 lb weight limit to 10,000, making ours the superman of  flatbed trailers. 

A fencl is the type of house we're building.  To see other house plans visit:


AmyO said...


I understand if this is too personal and you would prefer not to answer, but what was the approx. cost of the trailer? Also, I live in Alpharetta, GA and the FENCL is my dream home - how are you getting around the legal restrictions?


Amy Davis

Jonathan said...

Hello Halley,

I'm enjoying following your progress, and I'm thinking about doing something similar with a Fencl. Do you have any idea what your house is going to weigh with the additional length? I'm also interested in how much the trailer cost you, approximately. Seems like a waste to buy a trailer with all that metal on top, only to cut it off, so I'm looking at having one custom-built, instead.


Jonathan Moore

Halley Evans said...

This is Halley's husband Steve. The house will weigh slightly over 7,000 lbs therefore we added an improved axel 10,000 lbs. We also told them to leave off the extra metal.

Halley Evans said...

Hi Jonathan,

I told my husband Steve to answer your question because he actually ordered our trailer and knows more about it. But I guess there's a reason he's not in charge of the blog... Anyway, we bought our trailer from Trailers For Less, Inc. It cost us slightly less than 3,000 dollars and as Steve said, we didn't have to remove anything, it came flat.