Friday, March 18, 2011

Floor Finito

The floor was finished in a series of steps.  First came the frame... and it only took three tries.  Don't blame Steve, (though it's totally his fault) because he had to modify the plans.  Yes, we bought the very expensive plans, and having added an extra six feet are changing them as we go along.  Next we pinned down the flashing, a most important step as it keeps out the mouses.  After that we had a small bit of trouble flipping the whole thing over, but with the help of my sister (Kylee) and brother-in-law (Paul) we managed.  Sort of.  Then there was the matter of bolting it in place and adding the insulation.  I did almost all the insulating, a tedious thing, while Steve took a well timed trip to the hardware store.  Though I shouldn't complain because I often nip off to read in the car every now and then.  Plus the insulation foam totally ruined my beatifully laid out poly something-or-other.  See exhibit A...

Exhibit A
Totally ugly, I know.  But it doesn't matter because the final touch was covering it over with three quarters of an inch thick sheathing.  Floor finito.

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